Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Scare Tactics

    Let me start off this post with a little back story-my dad and I have been scaring each other and others as long as I can remember. When I was a little kid he would jump out behind me with a mask on (yes, he bought masks solely to scare people with-he never wore them on Halloween) and I would hide in dark corners and anywhere else I could fit my little body into. This habit only increased with age-he would wait in my room behind my door and I would then set up the kitchen faucet to spray him when he made tea. My aunt had 2 little girls whom never wanted to play hide n' seek with me because I would always scare them before they found me. Eventually my friends would discover this odd eccentricity because I felt it selfish to keep amongst family members. I came home and discovered my dad wasn't in his room but washing the outside of the sliding glass doors in the living room. I quietly slinked my way the edge of the sliding glass doors behind the curtain without him noticing. He slid the doors and came and and then I jumped from behind the curtain. A strange thing happened, there was a scream and a slight jump but accompanying these usual reactions was a more physical one-he punched me in the throat. I found  the entire situation utterly hilarious and I can't stop laughing about it-my dad's facial reaction changing from surprise to concerned shock will forever be imprinted in my memory. But I probably won't stop scaring people-which means I may one day end up in the newspapers after getting stabbed accidently after scaring my grandmother.

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