Tuesday, May 28, 2013

52 Week Drama Challenge: Week 21

Smile, You

Score: 10/10

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

100 Favorite Characters: 5th Character

Hana Kimi

Favorite Character: Nakatsu Shuichi

     Hana Kimi was the second Japanese drama that I watched and I instantly fell in love with Nakatsu. If there was ever a second lead that deserved to get the girl, it was Nakatsu. He was cute, funny, kind, honest and a great friend. He was an all-around awesome guy and even though I knew how the drama would ultimately end up, it still broke my heart.  

 “Even when I’m an old geezer, so old that I can’t even remember my own name, I won’t forget all the time we’ve spent together… ever. To me, you are… the best. The best friend I had ever.” – Nakatsu

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

100 Day Movie Challenge: Day 93


Score: 7.5/10

52 Week Drama Challenge: Week 18

Personal Taste

Score: 5/10

     Since I began watching dramas, I have heard a lot about this one and have seen it on many favorites lists. Sadly, I have to disagree and chock this drama's popularity to the "Lee Min Ho" obsession. I like LMH quite a bit-I loved him in Boys Over Flowers and I liked him in City Hunter (another vastly overrated drama). I became a true fan after watching Faith-although the writing and story were weak the characters were really great. He is definitely the best part about this drama aside from the awesome secondary characters. I do have to admit that I really dislike the short pants he constantly wears and his hairstyle isn't my favorite in Personal Taste. My biggest gripe with this drama is the story and the female lead. It's boring, plain and simple. The synopsis sounds interesting and unique but the execution could have been much better. Stupid and timid female leads are commonplace in dramaland and Kae In is no exception. She is of the characters I liked the least and although she has great chemistry with Lee Min Ho, her personality made me not care that much about their relationship. This is a must watch for LMH fans but to anyone else, there are way better dramas to spend your time on.