Monday, June 17, 2013

52 Week Drama Challenge: Week 24


Score: 8/10

Movie Review

The Crucified Lovers

Score: 8/10

"The heavens will not punish me if within the final moment of my life I am unable to hold back these words: I, Mohei, have always loved you with all my being".

    The Crucified Lovers tells the story of an unfortunate love affair between a servant and his master's wife. The film is quite simple and slow placed but therein lies it's beauty. The lack of action and multiple side stories forces you to solely focus on the couple and their plight. The movie itself is beautiful-I always find these classic Japanese films to have a serene and majestic quality to them. A simple movie with a simple message: a life with love, however brief, is much preferred to living 100 years without it.