Wednesday, June 25, 2014

100 Asian Movies Challenge: 27th Movie

The Road Home

Score: 9/10

Dramatards Triathlon: Dramas - 7/10

Country Princess

Score: 7.5/10

       Lee Eun Hee and Lee Keum Hee were born at the same house on the same day. Eun Hee's mother died during childbirth, leaving behind only a bag with watch and some money. Keum Hee's father decides to raise her as their own daughter despite his wife's protests. Eun Hee and Keum Hee are raised as twin sisters, although  Eun Hee is often mistreated by Keum Hee's mother. One day Eun Hee's real grandfather shows up in search of his grandchild, but Keum Hee's mother sends her daughter instead. The girls then lead two very different lives, Eun Hee dealing with poverty and helping take care of her family while Keum Hee attends college and tries to earn her grandfather's respect. The girls run into each other years later and several revelations come to light.  

      Country Princess is an older drama from 2003 so the pacing is a bit slower and the skinship is kept to a minimum. I wanted to watch this drama because  of of a few of the actors, namely Bae Doo Na and Kang Dong Wan. Bae Doo Na's character Lee Eun Hee was interesting but more often than not became a bit grating on my nerves with her accent and slight stupidity. I found the acting to be good all around and the story line was good albeit nothing super original.