Wednesday, March 19, 2014

100 Asian Movie Challenge: Day 25

Happy Together

Score: 4/10

           I have seen this film mentioned and numerous lists and finally decided to watch it. I will admit that I was highly disappointed, which tends to happen when a film is overrated. The fault lies with the direction as I thought the acting and story were quite good. Weird and often confusing transitions, glacial pacing with long periods of inactivity are just some of the most glaring problems. The film tries to hard too be artsy and treats the audience like an idiot (we know he's depressed so we didn't need the constant shift to black and white, we get what the waterfalls represent so no need to show them for 3 minutes multiple times). I have seen terrible live-action Japanese yaoi movies that were more entertaining than this which kind of hurts me to admit. 

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 16th Character

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Favorite Character: Takano Kyohei

        Kyohei is extremely attractive, a trait that brought him constant attention from woman both young and old. It also caused problems in every facet of his life, with his mother, work and school causing him to become angry and cold. He takes an offer from a wealthy woman for free rent. She wants him and three other young men to help her introverted and gothic niece, Sunako. Kyohei forces Sunako to face her fears and she in turn does the same to him. Kyohei learns self-acceptance and inspires others around him to do the same.

“Apparently in life, we end up being like a lost child at times. The more we struggle, the least likely we’re to find our way. And it can be very frightening… because everyone around us looks like an enemy. And although we may think we’re all alone in the world, the truth is that when we do get really lost, we have no other choice but to wait for someone to come find us. The person who really cares about us will definitely come for us.” – Kyohei

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 15th Character

That Winter, The Wind Blows

Favorite Character: Oh Soo

      Oh Soo was a multifaceted character, he was neither a good or bad person but was somewhere in between. He started the drama as a con artist always out for his own gain and became a better man along the way. He posed as the long-lost brother of a blind heiress, Oh Young, but his feelings for the young woman changed his plans. He could be selfish and mean but was also caring and sincere, a well developed character that is often missing in dramaland.

I, for your sake, placed a million bells. Actually, this sound is from the rustling of the frozen branches of the trees. Later, when I leave, even when you lose the bell, if the winter wind blows, the trees will always make this sound. If only you could see this now, it would have been really nice. But more than this, what I want to show you is actually you, yourself, more than anything, it would be nice if you could see yourself.” – Oh Soo

Thursday, March 13, 2014

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 14th Character

I Hear Your Voice

Favorite Character: Park Soo Ha

Park Soo Ha is another interesting and unique male lead. He had a tragic childhood and fell in love with the teenage girl who saved him and helped send his father's murderer to prison.  He spent years searching for her and then encountered her older self, someone who had grew cold and indifferent to the world. He protected her, helped her court cases by reading people's thoughts, and changed her for the better. He is sincere, thoughtful and wise despite his young age. 

I know why you’re anxious, and I know why you’re always preparing for a time without me. But even if that time comes, I won’t worry. Even when ten years had passed, I recognized you. When I lost my memories, when I had erased you, I came to love you again. Even if ten more years pass, if I lose my memories again, if that time you’re worried about comes… I’ll find you… and I’ll love you again.” - Soo Ha

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 13th Character

Nodame Cantabile

Favorite Character: Chiaki Shinichi

        Chiaki Shinichi is a very cold and dedicated musician who dreams of becoming a conductor. His transformation after meeting Nodame is quite a beautiful thing to behold. His character struggles to achieve his dreams, dealing with defeat and heartbreak along the way. We cheer when he succeeds and cry along with him when he fails. Nothing short of an amazing character would bring forth that emotional rollercoaster 

"No matter how painful, no matter how much solitary struggle awaits us, because we have joyous moments like this, we can face the challenges over and over again." - Chiaki Shinichi

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 12th Character

Unexpected You

Favorite Character: Chun Jae Yong

        Unexpected You was a longer, weekend drama that was really fun and full of great characters. Jae Young stole the screen whenever he appeared, instantly becoming my favorite person in the show. He was eccentric and funny, not the stereotypical rich male. His attraction to Bang Yi Sook confused him and his antics to win her heart were both odd and sweet at the same time. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 11th Character

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

Favorite  Character: Joo Byung Hee

      Joo Byung Hee is a very unique and charming character. He is only in the first couple of episodes of this drama (for a reason which I won't spoil) but he still managed to be favorite character over all. Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of great characters in this drama and it still turned out fantastic. Although his absence added an important plot development I will always wonder what it might have been like if he had been featured throughout. He left such a huge impression on me from his small amount of screen time that he definitely deserves a lot of recognition. 

"I want to die at my happiest moment." - Byung Hee

Sunday, March 9, 2014

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 10th Character

Reply 1997

Favorite Character: Kang Jun Hee

        *SPOILER*  Gay characters are few and far between in Korean dramas, in most Asian dramas in general. Kang Jun Hee was a sweet and kind guy that was shaping up to be a contender for Shi Won's affections until you realized that he was interested in someone else, Yoon Jae. It was an unexpected twist in the story and added another layer of depth to the overall story. Jun Hee's character was handled amazingly well-he was just a normal guy who happened to be gay. He was a nice person and a great friend, his character and relationship with Yoon Jae was one of the highlights of the drama.

“The reason I like you? Because you’re that person. Because you’re you. Is there another reason besides that one? I’d rather know the reason if there was one. Then I could find a way to not like you. If I can’t avoid it, then there’s only one thing I want: to remain by your side, unchanged, for a long time. Here’s to our love, that chills our hearts.” – Jun Hee

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 9th Character

Queen In Hyun's Man

Favorite Character: Kim Boong Do

        In dramaland we are accustomed to a certain type of male lead. He is usually cold, arrogant, selfish, rude, rich and so on. I like that type of character ad there are several on my list but I still feel that it is often overused. Boong Do completely breaks that mold and becomes a very unique lead. He is intelligent, kind, and romantic.

"There are words that I don't understand, and words that I am hearing for first time. But there's something that hasn't changed . . . I love you." - Boong Do

100 Asian Movies Challenge: 22nd Movie


Score: 4/10