Tuesday, March 18, 2014

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 15th Character

That Winter, The Wind Blows

Favorite Character: Oh Soo

      Oh Soo was a multifaceted character, he was neither a good or bad person but was somewhere in between. He started the drama as a con artist always out for his own gain and became a better man along the way. He posed as the long-lost brother of a blind heiress, Oh Young, but his feelings for the young woman changed his plans. He could be selfish and mean but was also caring and sincere, a well developed character that is often missing in dramaland.

I, for your sake, placed a million bells. Actually, this sound is from the rustling of the frozen branches of the trees. Later, when I leave, even when you lose the bell, if the winter wind blows, the trees will always make this sound. If only you could see this now, it would have been really nice. But more than this, what I want to show you is actually you, yourself, more than anything, it would be nice if you could see yourself.” – Oh Soo

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