Wednesday, March 19, 2014

100 Asian Movie Challenge: Day 25

Happy Together

Score: 4/10

           I have seen this film mentioned and numerous lists and finally decided to watch it. I will admit that I was highly disappointed, which tends to happen when a film is overrated. The fault lies with the direction as I thought the acting and story were quite good. Weird and often confusing transitions, glacial pacing with long periods of inactivity are just some of the most glaring problems. The film tries to hard too be artsy and treats the audience like an idiot (we know he's depressed so we didn't need the constant shift to black and white, we get what the waterfalls represent so no need to show them for 3 minutes multiple times). I have seen terrible live-action Japanese yaoi movies that were more entertaining than this which kind of hurts me to admit. 

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