Sunday, March 9, 2014

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 10th Character

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Favorite Character: Kang Jun Hee

        *SPOILER*  Gay characters are few and far between in Korean dramas, in most Asian dramas in general. Kang Jun Hee was a sweet and kind guy that was shaping up to be a contender for Shi Won's affections until you realized that he was interested in someone else, Yoon Jae. It was an unexpected twist in the story and added another layer of depth to the overall story. Jun Hee's character was handled amazingly well-he was just a normal guy who happened to be gay. He was a nice person and a great friend, his character and relationship with Yoon Jae was one of the highlights of the drama.

“The reason I like you? Because you’re that person. Because you’re you. Is there another reason besides that one? I’d rather know the reason if there was one. Then I could find a way to not like you. If I can’t avoid it, then there’s only one thing I want: to remain by your side, unchanged, for a long time. Here’s to our love, that chills our hearts.” – Jun Hee

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