Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30 Day Korean Drama Challenge: Day 4

Your Favorite Male Third Wheel Character

  I admit it, I have been a second shipper multiple times and I will probably continue this bad habit far into the future. I know that the main couple is always predetermined and completely obvious to the viewer and that the second romantic leads only serve to cause angst and separate the main couple or else most dramas would only be 3-5 episodes long. But every now and then I find myself hoping beyond hope that the second lead gets the girl.

Moon Jae Shin-Sungkyunkwan Scandal

     I love Sungkyunkwan Scandal, it is a great show and it will always be in my top 10-however it might have actually taken the first spot if Jae Shin and Yoon Hee had ended up together. Yoon Hee and Sun Joon are a cute couple and they definitely had great chemistry but I just found her relationship with Jae Shin so much more interesting. Jae Shin is the damaged bad boy with a heart of gold who risks everything to fight for his beliefs. . . . and he's beautiful.

Honorable Mentions

Yoon Ji Hoo: Boys Over Flowers

    I know, I know, I know. I read the entire manga series and watched the anime before I saw this show. I knew what was going to happen-but did that stop me from becoming a Ji Hoo/Jan Di shipper? Absolutely not. If you're someone's freaking soul mate that means that you get married and have lots of babies-not stay bestest friends forever (F*@k you Dawson's Creek)

 Choi Kang Hyuk: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

   I don't think I need to say anything.

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