Wednesday, June 27, 2012

30 Day Korean Drama Challenge: Day 5

Your Favorite Third Wheel Female Character

     There are two ways to view this question so I will explain the criteria for both ways and then explain my choices. Who knew these questions would get so complicated?

    This was really hard to answer because I have never shipped a secondary female love interest. Most of the time the second lead females are cut from the same cloth-they're selfish, mean, manipulative and basically made to be hated. I wanted to pick a third wheel female character that (1) I actually liked and had some redeeming qualities and that (2) I thought might have made a good pairing with the male lead. This knocked a lot of contenders off the list and here's what I came up with.

Oh Min Ji: Boys Over Flowers

     The main reasoning behind this choice is the fact that she had such great chemistry with Lee Min Ho, almost too much. She was cool, pretty, friendly, and like Jan Di, knew how to put Gu Jun Pyo in his place. They honestly would have made a great couple, except for the sad fact that Jun Pyo only had eyes for Jan Di.

      Min Ji really did like Jun Pyo and could have married him. But instead she chooses to let him go back to Jan Di and takes the blame for the wedding being called off. She pulls off the impossible-being a likable secondary love interest.

Ha Hyo Eun: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

    Hyo Eun was an extremely cute and sweet character. She fell for Lee Sun Joon at first sight. It was sad to see Hyo Eun trying so hard to win Sun Joon's affections but he was battling his unwanted feelings for Yoon Shik. She wasn't mean or hateful and she didn't intentionally reveal Yoon Shik's secret identity. Hyo Eun stands out from other secondary female leads because she was honest about her feelings and bore Lee Sun Joon no ill will when he didn't like her back.

     A third wheel female character may also just be a character that I enjoyed but never had a chance with the male lead. This allows for multiple choices that may have been excluded from the aforementioned criteria.

Yoon Seul in Secret Garden

     I decided to look at the answers of others regarding this question because I was having trouble with it. Yoon Seul was an extremely popular choice. She wouldn't fit the criteria for the first set of choices because she never really had a shot with Joo Won-they were both in love with other people. She was hurt from her relationship with Oska so she decided to forget about love and enter into an arranged marriage. Joo Won was the best candidate but after a few attempts she gave up on that road. She eventually became a supporter of Joo Won's and Ra Im's relationship-deflecting girls trying to get close to Joo Won, being a witness to their marriage and even decorating their bedroom for their first night as a married couple. Seul is sarcastic, beautiful, independent and just basically all around awesome.

     If looks could kill. . . .

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