Thursday, July 5, 2012

30 Day Korean Drama Challenge: Day 9

Your Favorite Line/s by a Male Third Wheel

Human beings’ hearts change, that’s their specialty. Forever? There’s no such thing. Love, then hate. Hot, then cold. Upset, then grateful. Full of resentment, then understanding. And it goes on.” – Scheduler (49 Days)

   I'm halfway through 49 Days and the Scheduler is probably one of the best parts of the show. He provides a lot of comic relief in a drama that might have become bogged down by it's somewhat sad and depressing tone. He has a lot of great lines and this one is my favorite. The Scheduler died at 23 and took his current position to get a chance to live again. For five years he has watched the world and the people in it unnoticed as he takes the souls of those who have died to their afterlife. It's sad because he thinks this way after all he's seen but it's also sad because it's somewhat true.

Honorable Mentions:

Believing what they want to believe in, is the specialty of the people in this world.”


For me, those words where precious, so I was sparing them. But if you spare them too much… they become words you can’t say.” – Jeremy (You're Beautiful)

When I thought you were a guy, I was okay with it. When I found out you were a girl, I was okay with it. But if you like him, I can’t be okay with it. Why? Why wasn’t it me? I told you about my treasure bus, and I let you close to Jolie and I was going to sing a song only for you. Why don’t you like me?” – Jeremy (You're Beautiful)

"Even though I haven’t confessed to her yet, I feel like I’ve been rejected a hundred times already.” – Shin Woo (You're Beautiful)

Until now, I tried to hold onto you. In other eyes, it must have looked foolish. Because I tried very hard, in the end, since I couldn't get you, I was able to let go.”– Shin Woo  (You're Beautiful) 

"I’m not asking you to give your heart in one go. If you can give your heart bit by bit, then that’s a start… I've started.” – Shin Woo 
(You're Beautiful) 

"You were almost there… just one more step and you would have found me.”
 – Shin Woo (You're Beautiful)

I don’t know when it started either. But now, I can’t be without you.” – Ji Hoo (BOF)

Some things are only visible through faith.” Ji Hoo (BOF)

"I stepped back as a friend — I gave up because she was my friend’s girlfriend. I gave you a chance up till the end. I’m not going to hold back anymore.” – Ji Hoo (BOF)

"After meeting you, there’s only been one thing I wish for — for you to be happy and not cry anymore. I’m afraid that after tomorrow, you won’t be able to smile again.” Ji Hoo (BOF)

“Guys don’t do things for no reason in front of the girl they like. There’s always a reason. I’m speaking from experience, so you can trust me.” – Ji Hoo (BOF)

"If the person you love is suffering because of you, can you let her go?” – Ji Hoo (BOF)

“It’s not a
 dream. If it were, it wouldn’t have been so painful. After sending you off, I realized that I’d done nothing all this time. When I came to my senses, you were on the plane. So it’s not a dream. Because you’re in front of me now.” – Ji Hoo (BOF)

The weird thing is hearing that she’s “not beautiful enough” and “not suitable to be the Princess”. The more I hear that, the more I am attracted to her.” – Yul (Goong)

You… you little… from now on, you stay in my sights at all times. Wherever you go, whatever you do, stay in my sights. Because I thought I was losing my mind.” – Jae-shin (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)


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