Friday, July 6, 2012

30 Korean Drama Challenge: Day 10

Your Favorite Line/s by a Female Third Wheel Character

"Honestly the chestnuts were me but the cheesecake was some other bitch." - Yoon Seul 

    Seul is amazing and it's completely understandable why she's the best second lead female in dramaland. I knew that I would be choosing one of her lines for this question. She doesn't actually speak this line, she holds up a sign during Oska's concert with this written on it-it's probably one of my favorite scenes in Secret Garden. Oska has been trying to get back into Seul's good graces by getting her things that she likes or better yet what he thinks she likes but alas his playboy past catches up to him. He offers her chestnuts saying that he knows she likes them but he also offers her cheesecake which was something another girl favored. In the end, Seul decides to go back to Oska and lets him know via sign.

Honorable Mentions:

A woman, no matter how common she is, she can be a queen.
No matter how precious she is, she can be a maid.
Depending on how she is treated by the man she loves.
Yoon Seul

Not being able to sleep or eat are just the obvious basics. Falling asleep and waking up are hell too. Because you can’t figure out how you and the person you love are to become strangers. You can’t even complain to other people. Because they may badmouth him. So, you cry alone. It’s ended, you’ve broken up,but only the memories of love come to mind. But, the more you do that, the longer it takes to erase those memories. So, to a person who’s been left, 365 days are spent in the process of breaking up. But the thing that really hurts, is the other person does’n’t even seem to be thinking of you. It feels like it’s just you that can’t let go. That person seems to have forgotten all about you and is just happy. All you want to do is die, but you can’t die either. Because you might never… see that person again.”-Yoon Seul (Secret Garden)

I trust what people say behind my back more than what they say in front of me.” -Yoon Seul (Secret Garden)

Don’t tell me you were trying to protect me, don’t lie. What you were doing it trying to protect your pride, weren’t you?” -Yoon Seul (Secret Garden)

I never thought I’d be left behind since you were always the one who loved me more. But seeing the small changes in your gaze, your sighs, your expressions… made my heart fall with a thump. It’s funny that as my feelings for you grew, I lost confidence. So I thought, ‘Let’s preserve the last of my pride. Before I’m left, let’s leave first’. That’s why I ran away. I was so afraid of what would happen if you didn’t grab hold of me.” – Yoo Joo (Coffee Prince)

The more you love, the more you get scared because the more important that person is, the loss of them will hurt even more,”- Dong Ah (Wild Romance)

How to move Director Kim? It's easy, the robot moves by battery.”-Dong Ah (Wild Romance)

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