Saturday, July 7, 2012

30 Day Korean Drama Challenge: Day 11

Your Favorite Dialogue 

Director Kim: "I didn't come here to drink tea."
DA: "Then what is it?"
Director Kim: "Miss Dong Ah, I came to seduce you."
Dong Ah laughs
Director Kim: "Answer?"
Dong Ah: "Thank you."
Director Kim: "You're welcome."

   Dong Ah and Director Kim are really amazing characters-without them I don't think I would have liked Wild Romance as much as I did. I would love to watch a drama centered on them-they are complete opposites but yet they fit together so well. I included a lot more of their dialogue below because it's really funny. I love this piece of dialogue because it kind of describes their entire relationship. Director Kim is finally admitting he likes her and he does it in the most hysterical way possible. He speaks the words "I came to seduce you" in such an emotionless and serious tone that he could be giving a meeting or reading the phone book aloud. 

Honorable Mentions:

Jandi : “It’s strange."
Ji-hoo : “What’s strange?”
Jandi : “Whenever the emergency bell rings in my heart, you always appear. “
Ji-hoo : “Then let me be.”
Jandi : “What?”
Ji-hoo : “Let me be Geum Jan Di’s honourable firefighter.”

Director Kim: "Why don't you carry a cellphone with you?"
Dong Ah: "To make you worry when I am late."

Eun Jae: "A person I love, loves me back. How's that feel like?"
Dong Ah: "It feels like a miracle, according to the book."

Eun Jae: "Do you think a person becomes lovely bacause she is loved, or a person is loved because she is lovely?"
Dong Ah: "Huh?"
Eun Jae: "I'm talking about Kang Jong Hee. She is so terrible and then suddenly she turns so lovely. "There's no way I can beat her. I'm no match for her."
Dong Ah: "And you were before?"
Eun Jae casts Dong Ah a death look
Eun Jae: "If I were a man I would have fallen in love with her too."
Dong Ah: "Eun Jae, did you . . . ? Could it be that you're on that side? Without you knowing?"
Eun Jae: "What side?"
Dong Ah pulls her shirt down to reveal her shoulder
Dong Ah: "How do you feel right now?"
Eun Jae: "I want to put you down on the floor and. . ."
Dong Ah quickly pulls her shirt up and wraps her cardigan around herself tighter
Eun Jae: ". . . then I want to strangle you."

Director Kim: "Image?"
Dong Ah: "Yeah. When you see something it reminds you of me, what is it?"
Director Kim: "There is none."
Dong Ah: "No way."
Director Kim: "Ah"
Dong Ah: What is it?
Director Kim: "When I went to rent a video, and saw erotic movies, I got reminded of you."
Dong Ah: "You watch erotic movies too?"
Director Kim jumps up suddenly
Director Kim: "N-no! I just saw the title as I was passing by."
Dong Ah: "Do you want me to tell you my 5 favorite erotic movies so far? Number 1 is . . ."
Director Kim wipes sweat from his brow
Director Kim: "Dong Ah, that's not it"
Dong Ah: "Shall I show you “Vinyl Floor” on a rainy day?"

Dong Ah: "What about uniforms?"
Director Kim: "It's not the time to talk about. . ."
Dong Ah: "A nurse's uniform or a stewardess uniform."
Reporter Go: "That's killer."
Director Kim: "I don't like such things."
Dong Ah: "What about sailor's uniforms then?"
Director Kim: "I'm not interested."
Reporter Go: "Director Kim! is there something wrong with you? Hey! Can I smack him once?"
Dong Ah: "Really, do you not have any fantasies about that."
Director Kim: "I don't."
Dong Ah: "What are all the books I have read then? The book lied to me!"

Eun Jae: "So, what does a first kiss feel like?"
Dong Ah: "It tastes like blood."

Dong Ah: "How do I look?" She twirls around wearing brightly colored traditional clothes
Director Kim: "Sit first."
Dong Ah: "This is silk. Do you want to take it off?"
Director Kim: "Later."
Dong Ah: "When you first talked about your fantasies, I didn't really get it. Then I tried taking it off at home. Whhooaaa!" Gives Director Kim two thumbs up.

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