Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Episode 16 Review and Series Overview

Big episode 16 Review and Series Overview

    I will admit that I was disappointed with the last episode of Big but I didn’t hate it. I wish episode 15 had been put to good use by attempting to clear up multiple plot lines instead of being a useless filler episode. Da Ran finally grew a backbone in this episode but she still acted like an idiot by listening to Ma Ri yet again. I wish we had seen Shin Won again as KKJ, I felt he was sorely underused in this drama. I know that several people don’t understand the ending so I’ll explain-Da Ran runs into KKJ who has grown a lot over the past year. Since he was the twin brother of Yoon Jae he ends up resembling him quite a bit. I had a real problem with this not only because we didn’t get to see Da Ran with Shin Won but because it would be physically impossible for someone to change that rapidly in just a year, maybe 2-3. We never learn how the brothers switched back and we never get to see Yoon Jae’s reaction to anything that had happened. It should have been a much better episode and it left a lot of questions unanswered.
     Overall, I liked Big and I don’t regret watching it. It is by far not the worst Hong sisters’ drama-that award belongs to Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. The show started off strong-it was really funny and interesting. But around episode 11 it started to drag and I kept wishing KKJ would wake up. Goong Yoo is an amazing actor and he proved it with this show. I will forever watch anything that he deems to star in. He carried this show and was the glue that held everything together. Even though she got better towards the end I never cared for Da Ran as a character-she was weak and ditzy, her chemistry with Gong Yoo was her saving grace. I loved Shin Won and I am heartbroken that he was absent for most of the show. I also liked Ma Ri, maybe a little less after she started being a lying troublemaker. I think the show would have been better if it had taken a Secret Garden approach-if KKj and Yoon Jae had switched back and forth unexpectedly it would have given us more time to get to know Yoon Jae and more screen time for Shin Won. The show had great potential but lazy writing ruined it. 7.5/10

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