Saturday, April 27, 2013

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 3rd Character

Coffee Prince

Favorite Character: Go Eun Chan

      I love gender benders and it is a common and popular plot device used in dramas but most of the time it is beyond obvious that the girl pretending to be a boy is actually a girl. Hana Kimi (all versions), Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Ti Amo Chocolate are just a few in which the girl pretending to be a guy still acts, sounds and looks completely feminine (in Happy Michelin Kitchen the female in question does not even attempt to hide the fact that she has breasts-meaning that the main guy must be a few sandwiches short of a picnic to not notice). Go Eun Chan from Coffee Prince still remains that best example of a girl pretending to be a guy successfully. It helps that she is already a tomboy and teaches martial arts. She has had to be the breadwinner in her household and naturally took on the role of "the man of the house." She is also really funny and kind, pretending to be male to get a job is not the only interesting thing about her character.

"The other day at work, I had this thought – Even if I could just be by his side, that would be nice. Then I wouldn’t have anything more to wish for." – Eun Chan

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