Friday, April 19, 2013

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 1st Character

The Princess' Man

Favorite Character: Lee Se Ryung

         I thought that I would start off this series with my favorite drama. I do like quite a few characters but Se Ryung remains my favorite. She is independent and strong-willed in a time where most women weren't. Her love and devotion to Seung Yoo knows no bounds. She goes against her own father and risks her life several times in order to protect Seung Yoo. Amidst all the weak, timid, stupid and annoying female leads in  kdramaland, Se Ryung is a delightful heroine.                                                                           

“How much… how much pain have you endured? I cannot imagine how you could bear such a terrible pain. If by taking my life away, your pain can be healed… even a thousand, a million times I am willing to die.” – Se Ryung

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