Saturday, April 20, 2013

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 2nd Character

Secret Garden

Favorite Character: Kim Joo Won

     Secret Garden was the second Kdrama that I watched and it's the drama that turned me into an addict. Hyun Bin's role as Kim Joo Won totally blew me away and made me a fan, he still remains my favorite Korean actor.  In dramaland there a lot of rich and arrogant male leads but Joo Won definitely stands out. He is funny and has quite a unique personality. His character has depth and  experiences development, something not seen in all  dramas. Hyun Bin was amazing in this and stole the scene whenever his character appeared. He made me laugh hysterically and sob like a baby. I now also love blue, sequined tracksuits.

“I hope you’ll see the things I see. You’ll stand at the window where I stand, and lie down in the bed where I lie down, and read the books I read. If we could be together, even in that way… then that’s enough. Let’s think of it as being together. That’s enough for us to consider ourselves as happy as other lovers.” – Joo Won

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