Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Dramas 2012

Reply 1997/ Answer Me 1997

     My favorite new drama and a contender for my favorite drama of the year. I love everything about it-the nostalgia, the unrequited love, growing up, teenage obsession and the romantic mystery of who ends up with who. I love all the characters and their individual stories. I have laughed during each episode and cried during a few as well.

Arang and the Magistrate

     A close second to Reply 1997, I love this drama already. I became a huge Shin Min Ah fan after watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and I have loved her in everything I have seen her in since. I have only seen Lee Joon Gi in The King and the Clown but I thought he was amazing in it. The chemistry between the leads is fantastic, the plot is interesting, the acting is good and I love the fantasy elements mixed in (although they can come across as a bit cheesy at times). The cinematography is beautiful and the colors are bright and crisp.

To the Beautiful You

      I just recently finished the Japanese Hana Kimi and I absolutely loved it. I can already tell that this one is taking a far different approach but it's still enjoyable. Sulli couldn't pass off as a male if her life depended on it but I don't hate her in the role. I can already tell that Eun Gyeol will be my favorite character because I was obsessed with Nakatsu. This drama is cute, has lots of hot guys who are shirtless on regular basis and it has some humorous moments. Like Boys Over Flowers, this is a drama where you just turn off your brain and enjoy the fluffy goodness.


Faith/ The Great Doctor

    I haven't watched Dr. Jin yet but I have seen Rooftop Prince, the other time-traveling dramas this year. Rooftop Prince started off great but slowly drifted into cliched land, Park Ha became more stupid and the ending wasn't satisfying.  I like this drama but I don't love it yet. The acting is a bit uneven, especially from the side characters. I like Lee Min Ho-this is the only drama I have seen him in besides Boys Over Flowers. A lot of people are saying the female lead is annoying but I like her and her reactions to being in a different century. I love the animated scenes used to tell us what happened in the past.

Haeundae Lovers

     My least favorite new drama and the one I would have dropped by now if I wasn't obsessive about finishing what I start. The plot is interesting but the execution is terrible. I like Prosecutor Lee but the female lead irritates me-she reminds me of a more annoying and less likable Park Ha from Rooftop Prince. I also have trouble getting into the OTP because the male lead is already married and to a woman who adores him. I will keep up with it but it's not as high a priority as the other dramas I'm currently watching.

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