Wednesday, August 8, 2012

30 Day Korean Drama Challenge: Day 28

A Kdrama Not Loved By Many But You Seem To Like

Wild Romance

     This drama had poor ratings and mixed reviews but I love it. Baseball star Mu Yeol is caught on film being thrown by Eun Jae and in order to salvage his reputation has to hire her as his bodyguard. I really liked Eun Jae, she was really funny and didn't undergo any drastic transformation in order for the male lead to fall for her. I absolutely love Dong Ah, she is such a unique character and her relationship with Director Kim was one of my favorite parts of the drama. Although I love this drama it is definitely flawed-Jessica's acting, the psycho stalker plotline, the extremely violent and unnecessary fight scene between Eun Jae and Mu Yeol, etc. Overall it is an interesting and unique drama that deserves more love.

Me Too, Flower!

     Another drama that I never hear about and also received low ratings. A depressed police officer and a rich man masquerading as a parking attendant fall in love and help each other deal with their painful pasts. I thought it was really beautiful how two broken and damaged people came together and made each other whole again. Yoon Shi Yoon was a last minute replacement because the original actor was injured before filming and he is much younger than what the part called for which was problematic in a few instances throughout the drama such as the women hilariously referring to him as "oppa" when they are clearly much older than him. Thankfully he had amazing chemistry with Lee Ji Ah so everything else could be overlooked.

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