Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dramatards Triathlon: Movie 5/100


Score: 4/10

     There are quite a few movies dealing with people being trapped-trapped on a ski lift, an elevator, a room,a car and so on. ATM deals with 3 co-workers trapped in an enclosed atm booth by a hooded assailant. This movie isn't painful but it's not very good either. The 3 main characters make a lot of stupid mistakes and stupidity in horror always annoys me (The Strangers automatically comes to mind). They spend the majority of the film panicking and talking about what they should do. Also, it never revealed what motivates the killer-why he picks random places, extensively researches them and murders random people. Sometimes I don't mind a bit of mystery but for the most part I like to know why the murderer commits his atrocities.

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