Friday, January 17, 2014

Dramatards Triathlon: Dramas-2/40

Long Vacation

Score: 9/10

        Minami rushes to her fiance's apartment when he doesn't show up to their wedding only to find that her groom has skipped town, taking all her money with him. She meets Sena, who also lives in the apartment. Left with no money and no where to go Minami moves in with Sena. Minami is a model who struggles to find jobs at 31 and Sena is a 24 year old pianist who teaches piano but yearns to play professionally. 

     This is an extremely popular Japanese drama from 1996 that garnered some of the highest viewership ratings ever, mostly in part due to the famous idol star Kimura Takuya playing Sena. This is an older drama so the wardrobe is dated and the plot is somewhat slow paced but that doesn't distract from the overall charm of the characters and story. 

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