Monday, May 12, 2014

Dramatards Triathlon: Dramas - 6/40

  Dok Ruk Rim Tang

Score: 7.5/10

     Jitree, a gold digger, seduces Anusorn's father which caused Anusorn and her mother to leave.  Anusorn  returns home years later after her father dies suddenly to discover that her father's new wife has sold the house and left her with nothing but Hungtu, her father's dog. Anusorn suspects that something isn't right about the situation and discovers that her father left behind another will somewhere in the house. Jitree and her lover hire men to kill Anusorn but she escapes by disguising herself as a man. She returns to her father's house and starts to work for the new owner, Pathavee, as a man named Ood. She and Hangtu try to find the will but Anusorn starts to fall for Pathavee along the way.

      My third Thai drama and a gender bender no less. This was extremely cheesy and the female lead cried way too much but I still liked it. The male lead was great and I liked most of the characters. Jitree and her lover were the worst part for me, their acting was horrid and their characters were way over the top.  My favorite character by far was Hangtu, not because the other roles were bad but because this dog was actually a main character. He had his own internal monologue like the dogs in the Homeward Bound and Look Who's Talking 3. He was incredibly intelligent and helped out Anusorn a lot, even saving her life a few times.


  1. Oooh This one sounds very interesting. I think I might give it a try. :D We should have an update post for the challenge some time today!
    P.S. For some reason I always have to post as Anonymous, it doesn't like me! T-T


    1. I plan to update since I have been away on vacation. I have to get in gear and complete the challenge :)