Monday, May 12, 2014

Dramatards Triathlon: Dramas - 4/40

Sawan Biang 

Score: 6/10

         Leela and Jate, her fiance get into a car accident with a wealthy man and his wife. Jate and the other man's wife die. The wealthy man, Kid, comes to visit Leela everyday as well as takes care of all her medical bills. He eventual falls for her and proposes. Leela accepts and moves with her family (her mother, brother,and sister) into Kid's mansion. Leela discovers that Kid's son is Kawee, a man she fell in love with when she younger but rejected her. Leela's younger sister Narin quckly becomes the target of Kawee's anger since she stands up to him, causing them to have an extremely volatile relationship.

      That is just the beginning of the extremely complicated and convoluted plot of this drama. Sawan Biang was the first Thailand drama or lakorn that I watched, it is very different from the other Asian dramas I'm used to.  I didn't really like this drama despite it being one of the most popular dramas in Thailand. I liked the female lead decently enough although I didn't always agree with her decisions. I loved the second male lead, Tom, he made the drama bearable for me and I will definitely check out his other work. I hated the male lead and he was the main reason that I didn't enjoy this drama. I have always said that if I was not invested in the main couple then I would be less likely to enjoy the drama and this rings true concerning Sawan Biang. Kawee was mean, insensitive, immature and extremely emotionally and physically abusive. He does try to repent towards the end of the drama and is forgiven but for me, it was a little too late. Considering all Kawee does to her, it would be far more believable that Narin violently murders him rather than ending up living happily ever after with him. 

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