Wednesday, December 11, 2013

52 Week Drama Challenge: Week 42-50

Week 42

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan


      A super cute and funny jdrama about school and friendship with a hint of romance.

Week 43



     Interesting and adult kdrama about love and relationships but I didn't like any of the female leads.

Week 44



      An inspirational jdrama about friendship and sports. I cried, I laughed and I cheered.

Week 45

Last Cinderella


     Funny and romantic jdrama about a romance between a young man and an older woman.

Week 46

Secret Love


    An amazing kdrama about a woman who takes the fall for her boyfriend's hit and run and the man whose girlfriend was killed in the accident. The story was great, the pacing was good and the chemistry between the leads was superb but unfortunately the ending left me underwhelmed. 

Week 47

In Time With You


     Wonderful Taiwanese drama about a great friendship that becomes something more.

Week 48



     A cute kdrama about a male nanny and the family he moves in with. The kids were adorable and the male lead was delicious but the story became a bit frustrating near the end without a proper conclusion. 

Week 49

Lie to Me


      A super popular kdrama, Lie to Me failed on so many levels. The main characters were inconsistent and bipolar, the story dragged for most of the second half and plot just wasn't that interesting. The kiss scenes are amazing and the leads had great chemistry but everything else was a complete mess.

Week 50

Level 7 Civil Servant


      Decent kdrama that wasn't well received. The lead actress was noticeably older than the age she was portraying, made even more obvious by her much younger co-star but their chemistry made that detail insignificant. The parents of the main characters really brought down the drama with too much screen time given to their incessant bickering and meddling. The story also ran out of steam as it went along but not enough so to hamper my enjoyment.

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