Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 K-Drama Challenge: The Genre Edition-2nd Genre

Genre: Romance

Drama: The Snow Queen

         I am currently on a quest to watch all the movies and dramas that Hyun Bin has starred in because he's my favorite Korean actor (I'm also probably a bit obsessed).  The Snow Queen was an earlier drama that Binnie starred in a few years before the amazing Secret Garden so it doesn't get mentioned as much. 

       Han Tae Woong (Hyun Bin) is a mathematical genius attending a prestigious high school where he meets Kim Jeong Kyu-a child prodigy who quickly becomes jealous of Tae Woong's skills. The two eventually reconcile and become inseparable friends. Duting this time Tae Woong saves a young girl from bullying and spends the day with her. They part ways but promise to meet again. All is going well until Jeong Kyu comes in second place to Tae Wong during an international math competition-the friends argue and all the pressure comes crashing down on Jeong Kyu resulting in him committing suicide. Tae Woong feels responsible and the guilt causes him to drops out of school, leave home and change his name. Eight years later Tae Woong (now Han Deuk Gu) is living and working at a gym and is a boxer. He keeps running into a mysterious woman (Kim Bo Ra) who is extremely cold and bitter and eventually saves her from committing suicide-the woman turns out to be the girl he knew from years before. 

     The Snow Queen was a really good drama and it definitely deserves more praise than it currently receives. The performances were all great but Hyun Bin was amazing as the tortured Tae Woong-the drama would not have been the same without him in it. Although I liked Sung Yu Ri as Kim Bo Ra, her acting was the weakest point in the drama. I liked the story and the characters but the drama suffered from of the common cliches that were and still are popular. The frustrating use of noble idiocy from Bo Ra and Tae Woong multiple times was almost too much to bear-so many problems and issues could have been solved or completely avoided if they would just tell each other the truth. Beside those few flaws this drama was great. It's a must watch for fans of Binnie as it features one of his best performances. 

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