Thursday, January 3, 2013

Asian Drama Review: Wild Romance

Wild Romance
Score: 9/10

Number of Episodes: 16

Episode Length: 1 hour and 5 minutes
Air Date: January 4, 2012

   Yoon Eun Jae and her family are die hard fans of the baseball team The Blue Seagulls. After an incident at a karaoke club, Eun Jae is forced to become the bodyguard of Park Mu-Yeol-a player for the Blue Seagulls' rival The Red Dreamers. Eun Jae and Mu-Yeol dislike each other and spend the majority of their time together fighting, at one point getting into an actual physical altercation. Besides their constant fighting, the pair also have to deal with Mu-Yeol's mysterious and dangerous stalker.

    This drama received a lot of negative reviews and low ratings but I really loved it. This drama is different than most dramas and doesn't solely focus on the romance between the leads. I really loved the characters in this drama-they were unique and interesting. Although many disliked the fact that there wasn't more romantic scenes between Eun Jae and Mu-Yeol, I liked the pacing of their relationship from bitter enemies to lovers. My favorite couple in the show (and one of my favorite couples ever) was the Robot couple of Dong Ah and Manager Kim. Those two were so completely different and yet were so perfect for each other.

    This wasn't a perfect drama by a long shot and was definitely flawed. I liked most the actors but Jessica Jung is an idol turned actor that needs to stick to her day job. Some of the characters inexplicably suffered boughts of insanity and the psycho stalker plot line was handled quite messily. Overall this drama won't appeal to everyone but if you're looking for something funny and different then I highly recommend Wild Romance.

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