Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 New Years Resolutions

   I know most people think that making resolutions is a waste of time because they usually get broken by the end of the first week in January but I'm going to really try to change this year. Whether or not I'm successfully remains to be seen but I am going to do things differently.

Be Happy
Read my Bible everyday
Pray everyday
Lose Weight
Exercise everyday
Drink mostly water
Eat fast food rarely
Take vitamins
Blog everyday
Write everyday
Keep my room clean
Attend Church at least once a week
Get a job
Get a car
Go back to school
Be a better friend
Spend more time with my cousins
Complete all of my on hold and currently watching dramas
Complete 50 Asian dramas and movies
Complete 20 anime
Complete 10 manga
Read 20 books
Watch 50 movies

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