Sunday, August 11, 2013

100 Favorite Drama Characters: 6th Character

Wild Romance

Favorite Character: Kim Dong Ah

      There are many Asian dramas where I find myself loving the secondary characters more than the leads-usually due to poorly written personalities or bad acting. I actually like the female lead in Wild Romance but I think Dong Ah  would have stolen the screen in any drama she would have ended up in. She an extremely honest (at times brutally so) and very open about her feelings. She is funny, quirky and a great friend to Eun Jae. Besides Dong Ah, the highlight of the drama is her strange but oddly perfect relationship with Manager Kim. He is a very serious, rigid man leading to the dubbing of their relationship to be referred to as the Robot Couple.

“Just need to check and see whether or not you are a robot.” – Dong Ah

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