Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Horror Movie Challenge: Day 5

Favorite Horror Remake

     Remakes are a sensitive subject to horror fans and pretty much movie fans in general. In my opinion remakes should only be made if ,(1) the original film is so dated that the emotions, theme, characters, intensity, etc. fail to come across to the viewer or (2) a new or fresh take is executed that doesn't ruin the original or becomes a carbon copy of it. I have enjoyed some remakes but more likely than not they usually suck. Here are a few remakes that I loved and in some cases improved on the original.

The Mummy

     Out of all the classic horror movies this one was my least favorite. I loved Boris Karloff in Frankenstein but The Mummy was extremely slow paced and boring. The remake didn't go the horror movie route and instead became an action flick but it still vastly improved on the source material. I would love to see a new horror movie take on the mummy concept done right.

Ringu.Pack (4 movies) 9

      Remakes of foreign horror films are some of the most hated-the original is usually great but people won't watch it because they don't want to read subtitles. So an American remake is produced and the results are usually far from stellar.  The Ring was one of the few remakes that I loved and ended up liking more than the original Japanese version. Ringu is a good movie but The Ring had more scares and felt like a more complete film.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

     I already know some people are going to hate me for this but I preferred the remake over the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The original is a classic and it is extremely creepy but it has started to feel dated. I appreciated the fact that the remake stayed in the 70's and didn't put the concept in a modern setting.

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